September 14, 2010

Fantastic Discoveries - As Seen on

Let's have a roundup of new, infomercial-worthy brewing products for sale!

NHC 2010 Kegworm Poster
High quality art from NB's Lucas Gluesenkamp on heavy paper, carefully rolled & shipped to your brew cave wall. Deserved frame not included!

The Leakstopper
Those freaking CO2 washers! So cheap... So lose-able... The leakstopper screws into your cylinder outlet, its gasketed brass construction creates a reliable and less-likely-to-roll-into-oblivion buffer between your gas supply and precious homebrew. For $2.99, you could buy thirty CO2 washers, or one solution (just don't forget to take it out of the stem if you exchange cylinders!).

Carbon Filter Cartridge
A must have for water purification. Works with our cartridge filter accessories.

Gambrinus ESB Pale Malt
This Canadian wondermalt gives a sweet backbone for your ESB, EPA, etc. Must be mashed.

Brix/SG Refractometer
Many have already purchased this handy gravity measuring tool, which features a revised gauge that compensates for SG versus OG. Plus, you'll never grab the end of a broken hydrometer. A worthwhile investment!

Blichmann Burner Leg Extensions

Raise your fine looking floor burner two feet closer to the sky! Allows for gravity-fed plate chilling, or pumpless carboy filling. In stock at NB world headquarters, ready for immediate shipping!

Spin-Stop Double Faucet Tower

Handsome, shiny keggerator headpiece that has an innovative shank that keeps your faucet pointing professionally down, into your glass when properly installed. Also available as a single faucet model.

Clone Brews (Second Edition)
Tess & Mark bring you Magic Hat #9 and many more updated recipes!

Speckled Heifer PM Kit
I recall NB Fulfillment Manager Josh tapping several test batches of this kit. Until the recipe was settled on, I never conceived this was an ale! The partial mash kit requires merely an extra two gallon boiling pot, thermometer & large straining bag. You'll get a rich, grainy taste that refreshes no matter how you typify it. Also available all-grain.

These are but a handful of the dozens of new products we've already added to our shelves. Find out which are your new favorites!

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