March 21, 2011

Primo Bottling I: EZ-Cap

A bottle of beer is only as good as its contents. However, sharp packaging can make every bottle opening a bit more like Christmas.

Here is a simple and easy option I used for my 140 Schilling Ale.

EZ-Cap bottles:
I simply sanitized and filled the 1 liter EZ-Cap bottles with my 140 Schilling. I then cut 10 inch labels that I printed on my computer on regular printer paper. Then, I folded each label in half, ran it through the bale and stapled as near the fold as I could.

The stickers served to keep the label in place and protect it from tearing and will also help to classify it laying on its side in the cellar. The stickers I used are glossy and slightly embossed. I think the quality of the sticker will determine the quality of classiness of the final display.

The EZ-Caps were very easy and quick and look great. You would need 19 EZ-Cap liter bottles (2 cases, with 5 leftover bottles) for a typical 5 gallon batch of beer.

-One liter EZ-Cap Bottles
-Printer paper


  1. I've been wanting to buy some EZ-Cap bottles for a while now and this idea is just icing on the cake. Thanks Karl! I am totally using this the next brew I decide to bottle.

  2. One thing that I forgot to mention in the article: As an ongoing gift to my Dad, I bought him 2 cases of 16oz ez-cap bottles many Father's Days ago. I will fill, for him, 4-16oz ezcaps from each beer that I make. In addition to the ongoing gift, it makes sure I never need additional bottles (though that is irrelevant in this case, as you'll have 5 left over 1 liter ez-caps).