January 21, 2010

Around the BJCP Style Guidelines in 365 days

Fellow telescope owners, come out of the closet and come clean: have you ever done a Messier marathon? Me neither. That's a lot of lost sleep.

But what about a homebrew equivalent?
A Classic Styles Grand Prix. Brew your way through the BJCP Style Guidelines in a year. Twenty three categories; 80 styles; 365 days; 52 weeks; at least one disgruntled if well-libationed spouse. Who's with me?

I've been a busy boy in 2010: so far I have a Munich Helles, Old Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Doppelbock, Vienna, and a Belgian Dubbel underway. Six down ... many dozen to go. Next brew day is for a Bamberg-style Rauchbock ... so should I count that as Traditional Bock or Smoked Beer? Man.

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