February 18, 2010

NB brews w/ MNHS 'n GNG @ FC

Wow. That's a lot of acronyms. LMAO? Perhaps an explanation would help.

Northern Brewer recently brewed a batch of beer with the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) and our local friends Gastro Non Grata (GNG). It was hosted by the wonderful Fabulous Catering (FC) in Minneapolis. Doug Hoverson, author of Land of Amber Waters, was on hand to help put some of the brewing history and process into perspective.

I had a chance to talk to Doug when he brought by a package of 60 year old hops.Very cool stuff. The price on them had, at some point, been marked down to 13 cents. Mere cents for hops right from a brewery: not too shabby.


Also on hand was Rush River Brewing who served liquid refreshments, as well as helping create a beer-cheese fondue with some of the chefs from Fabulous Catering. There was a very nice spread. Classy, no?

While this was taking place, NB's Juno Choi and I brewed a batch of Nut Brown Ale as a demonstration. With not much more than a butane powered camping stove and a sink, we took several groups of people through the process of brewing beer, answered questions, and, most importantly, served samples of a previously brewed batch.

History + beer fondue + brewing = fantastic. Cheers to all involved.

(Thanks to Jessica Hackner from the Minnesota Historical Society for use of some photos.)

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  1. beer-cheese fondue? I've never been a big fan of cheese fondue (the stuff my mother made when I was a kid stunk up the house something fierce), but the beer could potentially fix that....any recipe out there?