June 1, 2010

Be Cool

Ladies & gentlemen brewers...

This is your mail order captain speaking. Northern Brewer has a brief announcement concerning today's flight through our yeast section.
If you'll look out your screen, you'll notice that NB is proverbially flying over the midwest; making shipping to anywhere in the United States quite fast & convenient.

But please don't let the air conditioning around your home computer fool you. Outside the artificial confines of the internet, ambient temperatures are slowly rising towards what we northern hemisphere types know as 'Summer'. And though NB strives to ship your yeast order as quickly as possible, transportation circumstances & distance may cause your yeast to ship for several days at these warm temperatures.

Signs of yeast discomfort due to heat may include puffiness of smack packs, excessive clumping & possibly... death!

But sit back & enjoy your shopping, dear brewers. Northern Brewer has a ready supply of ice packs to ship, packed right with your yeast pack or vial. For a mere 75 cents, your yeast will have extra shipping days at reduced temperatures & increased peace of mind.

Please prepare for brewing upon arrival of your order by ordering as many ice packs as you'd like for liquid yeast, especially when ordering from points on either coast. With beer glasses in their 'bottoms up' position, we thank you for brewing with us & look forward to a summer of stellar brewing!

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