March 31, 2010

My First Barleywine®

I can't believe that after 7 years of homebrewing, I just made my first barley wine.

I got so busy brewing my stock favorites, I forgot to take the time out to try brewing new styles.

Granted, there are probably a lot of styles I haven't done yet, and I really need to get on top of that, but something like this should have probably been done in year 2 or 3. Coming in at 1.123 OG, this thing is most likely sitting in the basement until 2012.

Hopefully it will be ready before the Mayan calendar runs out. I would like to be able to taste it before the world ends.


  1. I'm in the same boat: never made a barleywine. But there's a lot of big beers I haven't made including imperial stout and Belgian strong ale. I tend to stick to the bitters. I am considering making a wheatwine soon...

  2. The reason that the Mayan calendar stops at 2012 is because the Mayan that was creating the calendar found a carboy full of barleywine and drank it all. So do not fear the end of the world, unless you drink an entire carboy full of barleywine.